A bit off topic: Couple conflicts: keys to manage

Usually marital discussions are formed from the same little things take care of spouses enlarge until they become true centers of dispute. Suffice to know more of the strategies used in negotiation and conflict management to avoid many of the hassles that occur in couples. Here are some of them.

Instead of fighting, negotiate with the pattern “I win, you win.” Ideally in marriage is that the balance is always balanced in all aspects, because when tilted to one side, is where the problems arise. When one party feels missing in the relationship, are creating barriers to good marital functioning. Therefore, everyone should ensure that both parties win.Reach agreements that will be harmonious coexistence and bad times are avoided. But to make negotiations, one of the two must yield, therefore, pride, arrogance and selfishness must pass a background.

Understanding the male and female nature. Thought different, act different and we are different. They are two worlds that should live in one.Therefore it is crucial to know the essence of the other, as this helps to better understand and act effectively partner. Understanding the husband / wife from the perspective of man or woman, is one of the most effective ways to gain harmony in marriage tools.

No blame but closed in solutions. Stopping the blame stall communication worsen and lead to arid settings where it is difficult to build something good. The eyes should be placed in the solutions; they do allow progress, build, learn and improve.

Formatting the hard disk To reach solutions, the wisest course is to leave the mind blank: shed assumptions, facts, judgments, everything impedes the communication. as they prevent listening and understanding the other’s point of view.

Recognize the flaws. Pride and arrogance can ruin everything. When in reality has failed at something, he should be is recognizing it. Besides the benefits are immediate, the fact that the spouse admit your mistake, makes the other change of attitude.

Rules for marital conflict:

  • Under no circumstances be missed respect.
  • Not discuss in public, and less against children.
  • Choosing the right time to express disagreements; discuss “cold”.
  • Not get past issues unrelated.
  • Avoid mentioning the word “divorce” of any difficulty.
  • Take a break if the conflict has reached a dangerous point.

The married life should be rich, happy, harmonious, satisfactory; and do is in the hands of spouses. Search for fights where there are none, is a form of coexistence intimidated when in fact life is to enjoy the other hand.

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Careers in the fashion magazine industry

The dream of many models is to appear on the cover of top fashion, including publications like “Vogue”, “Elle” and “Glamour.” For those interested in fashion without the credentials of a model, there are many other jobs in the industry of fashion magazines, including photographers, writers and editors. The potential fashionistas can find careers in industry fashion magazines throughout the United States, especially in fashion capitals like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.


In choosing the career most famous fashion magazine, modeling is an important part of any fashion magazine. The fashion industry usually refers to models that work for fashion magazines and other publications as editorial fashion models. Fashion magazines editorial use models to display the clothes and accessories in the pages of the magazine as part of articles and special issues. The models also do modeling work for ads that are shown in fashion magazines. Usually, fashion magazines do not hire their own models, but are worth modeling agencies. In fashion magazines of yesteryear, only exceptionally tall and thin models were used, but some fashion magazines like V now have plus size models.


One of the other well-known fashion magazines, positions are photographers, who also play an important role in those journals. However, being a photographer fashion magazine is more than just taking good pictures. Photographers fashion magazines have to be creative and think beyond and be able to work with all kinds of different people and be willing to devote time and effort required to be a photographer of fashion magazine. According Fashion Net, the fashion magazine photographers must also have good business skills to successfully negotiate contracts and understand the ebb and flow of fashion. To get photography work in fashion magazines, photographers can submit their work directly to the publication or agent can use a photo as the Organization of Artist’s Management to act as intermediary.


Every fashion magazine has a staff that helps management to take a publication from the brainstorming stage to the hands of consumers each month. The staff at the direction of fashion magazines includes positions as managing editor that oversees the entire publication, assigns tasks and plans each number. The advertising director directs the advertising department, helping to bring to advertisers according to the subject and generating sales of ads. Other management positions that may include fashion magazine are cinematographers, marketing directors, executive directors and editor’s style.


To fill the positions in a fashion magazine includes a number of positions of members. The positions of the staff members include writers and editors who create and edit the content of each topic. Some journals also hire freelance writers, who are not part of the permanent staff, but they send items according to the needs of the magazine. Other positions of staff members include sales of advertising, design assistants and web designers, since most of the fashion magazines also have an online presence.


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9 Tips to be a good student

Achieving good results should be number one priority of every student. Here are nine tips to get a good academic performance.

  1. Not enough to be smart 
    There are enough smart people who just need to study as well as others for whom studying is not your thing. Yet you probably have average intelligence and therefore only good results obtained with proper motivation to facilitate the effort to study. Without willingness, there is nothing to do … and the reasons have to study are decisive.
  2. Find a reason to study
    Although there are many other things that are more fun, study is a urgent duty. In the school years we’re playing for the future in this short time we decided what we will be the rest of life. 
    It should be a reason to study. And that reason is to leave oneself. The rewards and punishments can be effective, but ultimately are not decisive.
  3. Adopt your own study technique
    In some people it is said, “this guy does not know how to study.” There are ways to learn how, many books, web pages, help from a teacher, parent. But basically, it’s all common sense. To study learning studying and everyone will see what systems you are going better.
  4. Make yourself comfortable and focus
    To efficiently study a place of quiet study, where everything is at hand, with a comfortable chair and adequate light is needed. Do not fool yourself with music you cannot study: You can draw or copy, but not memorize or concentrate. Do not stand at all times and persevere seated at least 45 minutes. Then rest 5-10 to continue.
  5. Schedule and planning
    Also keep a schedule. It need not be rigid, it has to be flexible but usually secondary is that they spend a half hour to an hour to do homework and three quarters or an hour to study. If between Monday and Friday has not devoted 10-12 hours of study, the weekend must be recovered. Let, if possible, for the weekend tasks that take longer: A sheet of drawing, a job for a subject. It is a shame that as time goes by you are studying when his head is far away. No daydream. Take the time and then you can do many other activities.
  6. Exploiting classes saves time
    If you fail the class time, have much in advance. If, for some reason, you are left free studio time, later tasks. 
    Follow the teacher at all times, take notes on everything you can, repeat highlight what, for what is considered basic.
  7. Memorizing but understanding the content
    In most of the subjects have to memorize the content of the lessons. Do not try to learn anything you do not understand; why it is so important about the above. 
    Each person has their own system to fix in the memory the lessons: read aloud, go over and try to repeat it several times without looking at the text … the important thing is to note that an issue cannot know if it is not able to explain. And it is very convenient to study every day explained in class. It is best to learn a short text that faces a lot of pages on arrival times of evaluations.
  8. Tests: Begin with the easiest
    “I will study when the test comes,” … This is a huge mistake. If you study each day, when the time of the review only has to review prior learning, remembering what is already known. If you leave everything to the end, you end up with a head full of formulas, definitions, dates, etc. chaos. 
    Tests are of different types: each must be prepared differently. Auto examined works well. 
    Sleep well the night before the test and avoid nervousness and fatigue. Read the questions carefully before jumping to answer. If possible, first answer the easiest questions and let the end which is not clear. This is especially important in problems in mathematics, physics, translations … often spends all the time that is available to make the problem and leave the rest blank. 
    Before you turn your test carefully review the answers. Do not rush to deliver: use all the time available.
  9. Helps to solve problems
    Although it is difficult to give a common rule, in mathematics, physics and chemistry tests include many problems: from data has to find other, using a formula or more. 
    First choose the appropriate formula, then replace the variables with the values ​​you are given (units!) And will be one or more unknowns to clear. Use extreme caution: it is very likely to ask the exact results, not simply the solution is well posed.



The author of this article is a professional writer and editor of academic papers and dissertations for students. She works for a legit UK dissertation writing service. Peter has been working in the field of academic writing and guidance for almost 8 years now and is now working for Dissertation Planet.


Plagiarism occurs when you take borrowed words or ideas of others and not expressly acknowledges did. In our culture, our words and ideas is considered intellectual property; as it is a car or anything else that we possess;we believe that our words belong to us and may not be used without our permission.

Therefore, every time you type a document requiring research should inform readers of where I got the ideas and assertions or data that are not their own. Whether you quote directly or summarizes information must give credit to their sources, citing them. This way you “permission” to use the word gets another because it is giving credit for the work he or she has done.

However, even when you summarize risks incurring plagiarism. Plagiarism occurs when you borrow words or ideas, paraphrases to not be like the original, but fails completely. If your words and phrases are very similar to those of the original source, this is plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious offense. If you are found to have plagiarized voluntarily or involuntarily may face serious consequences. In some cases of plagiarism students have had to leave the institutions where they were studying. In general, institutions report what their rules on plagiarism in their policy manuals.

Questions on how to date, how to resume and how to avoid plagiarism:

What does “quoting” a source?
You mean you put explicitly within the text you are typing, which took words, ideas or numbers elsewhere.

How do you date?
Use the rules established by the APA (American Psycological Association – American Psychological Association) or MLA (Modern Language Association – Modern Language Association) citation in parentheses (example cited in each paragraph, not at the bottom of page). Typically, what you put is the author’s surname and the date of publication of the work in reference (APA) or the author’s name and page number of the text of which was extracted (MLA). It should be adequately. The shape and punctuation count.

You must also include a list of sources (bibliography) at the end of your paper. This not only sets out to show your readers that you researched, but also offer other sources in case you want to pursue the subject. Again, this should be done according to the rules established by the MLA or APA. [3]

What to cite?

a) All facts, figures, statistics that are not common knowledge.

Example 1:
Silver prices reached the highest value in nine years to $ 7.28 per ounce, on February 5, 1998. Some analysts predicted would reach $ 10.00 per ounce in the next two months (Fuerbriger D1).
This should be mentioned because it is not generally known.

Example 2:
The American Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.
This is common knowledge and need not be cited.

b) specific theories or ideas that have been proposed by others.

Not the poor and discrete pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds which both interferes with communication, is the wrong use of intonations and accents (Gilbert, 1994, p. 21).

c) Any information that is NOT public knowledge.

It is estimated that deaths from firearm soon exceed those occurring in traffic accidents as the leading cause of traumatic death in North America (Davidson, 1998, p. A31).
(The APA guidelines were used in the above quotes).

The best policy to adopt is: when in doubt whether something is common knowledge, cite the source.

How do I avoid plagiarism?

a) Cite the source directly in quotation marks and cite the reference.

As one educator: – (Swales, 125) “the conscious copying the work of others Plagiarism is best defined as an intentional activity.”

b) Paraphrase ideas and cite the reference. You may not use sentences or paragraphs exactly as in the text, even if you cite the reference. The words you use must be YOURS.

John Swales said that plagiarism when people copy the work of another occurs and is well aware of what you are doing (125).
Source: Swales, John and Christine B. Feak. Academic Writing for Graduate Students. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1994.
(The MLA guidelines were used in the above quotes).

How I can paraphrase and be sure that I’m not “stealing” the sentences of another person?

a) Use synonyms for all words that are not generic.
b) Change the active to passive voice, or vice versa.
c) Change the structure of the sentence.
d) Reduce phrases paragraphs.
e) Change parts of text.

Let’s look at this original sentence:
As the United States has moved from an economy based on industry economy to one that is based on services and information, there has been a drop in the level of wages of industrial workers.
(Crandall, Joann, Maryanne Kearny Datesman and Edward N. Kearny, The American Ways Upper Saddle River. Prentice Hall Regents, 1997).

Acceptable forms of paraphrasing:

  • The number of high-paying jobs in factories has decreased since the American economy has shifted from industry to the provision of services and information.(The structure of the sentence is changed and synonyms used)
  • With the American economy based information and services, there are less and less well-paid industrial jobs. (Paragraph reduced sentence, use of synonyms)

The point is that you can not simply replace a few words with synonyms, or change the order of words-you must make a major effort to transform the sentence into another that preserves the meaning of the original, but as different from it as possible.




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