Dissertation Analysis Craziness!

A dissertation analysis is the most important section of a dissertation or thesis. This section discusses the information that has been collected by conducting the research. The researcher analyzes the data and presents it to the reader. A dissertation analysis should be comprehensive enough to explain the objectives and support the ideas of the dissertation. This analysis will form a basis to derive an outcome or conclusion from the research. A good dissertation analysis should contain the following main parts:

  • A brief overview of the research describing the data collection methods, tools, instruments, and the purpose of the research.
  • Support your point of view with statistical and mathematical analysis.
  • Explain in detail if there are any assumptions made in the study. Answer the questions and present a conclusion of the research.
  • Summarize the whole analysis in a comprehensive but brief manner.

Supporting your analysis with a literature review is always a good thing. You can relate your point of views to that in the literature review easily.

 Author Bio

The author of this article is a professional dissertation writer and editor of academic papers and dissertations for students and works for a legit UK dissertation writing service. Kelsea has been working in the field of UK dissertation writing and guidance for over 1.5 years now and is now working for Dissertation Planet. She helps students in dissertation proposal writing and guides them how to choose a dissertation topic.

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