Dissertation discussion. Oh the horror!

There is a section in a dissertation where you need to justify your research, answer the questions, explain the outcomes, and overall evaluate your research. Dissertation discussion involves critical writing take care carefully relate your research to the results. The discussion section is the longest part of a dissertation. Always include an introduction paragraph and then start your discussion by including headings and sub-headings. The main thing to keep in mind while writing a dissertation discussion is that, you don’t have to just present the results, but explain them too. Follow these points to write a good dissertation discussion:

  • Interpret and explain your research results.
  • Discuss whether your results satisfy or dissatisfy your hypothesis.
  • Discuss the assumptions, if any made.
  • If there is any earlier study or theory related to your research, discuss it too.
  • Summarize the results so that the reader has an overview of the dissertation on the whole.

 Author Bio

The author of this article is a professional dissertation writer and editor of academic papers and dissertations for students and works for a legit UK dissertation writing service. Kelsea has been working in the field of UK dissertation writing and guidance for over 1.5 years now and is now working for Dissertation Planet. She helps students in dissertation proposal writing and guides them how to choose a dissertation topic.

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