Exam techniques to use this year to get 100%

Exams are the most inevitable part of student life and exam day is supposed to be the most important and big day for any student. Students work so hard all across the year, but if they are unable to prepare themselves mentally and physically before exams then all their hard work will sadly go waste. Here are some important techniques which help students to make their exam day their perfect big day.

Keep yourself focused on the goal:

As student should Keep this thing in mind that without setting a proper goal and plan they are unable to perform 100% in exams. Just make yourself ask some key questions that:

What is your exam about?

Which topics need further classification?

How many hours I have to study?

These questions will help you a lot on your exam day.

Get a good night sleep:

Don’t forget to take a good sleep. Studying all night before the exam is not a good idea. You should take average 8 hour sleep at any cost and it will make your mind fresh and help you to memorize, concentrate and recall information.

Be positive:

Your attitude has a great impact on your exams if you keep on saying that you can’t do this than it will affect your self- confidence and the things will become more difficult. So, stay positive it will helps you a lot in your exam.

Enjoy the lesson:

Don’t make your lesson burdened just try to learn it in a story form as it will help you to understand and memorize things more quickly as compared to other ways.

Exercise 30 minutes a day:

Exam time is always the most hectic time for any student and to engage in studies for 24 hours is impossible for anyone. Exercise activity during exam like, jogging, swimming, dancing etc. Helps students think in a clear manner.

Well, these are some tips which can make students free from exams nightmare.s

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How to increase the power of your mind

Here you will learn ideas on mental energy and how to increase it. It is an introduction to some powerful techniques for mind expansion. Exploring new dimensions of thought, there are many techniques that can help you improve your existing mental powers. Let’s see some of these techniques and how to apply. 

The term mind power we almost always mean the total capacity of the mind. This capability can be expressed in many ways, some of which are listed below: 

* Cognitive Skills 

* Intelligence 

* Creativity 

* Talents 

Way of Thinking *

* Awareness 

* Intuition 

The energy of the mind, such as intelligence, is not a comparable variable and therefore can not be measured on an absolute scale. This happens because it has infinite dimensions. Two people can have a great mental power, but we can not tell who is stronger. 

In many cases, some people may have a great mental capacity but lack other skills. 

No one can be able to measure the power of the mind, but the only thing I can say with certainty is that it can increase through practice. There are many techniques that can help achieve this goal.Mastering some of them will improve your quality of everyday life. 

For example, imagine how wonderful it would be if you could read a whole book in just 2 hours.Imagine the amount of knowledge that might be able to absorb. Such method is a way to change your life. The good news is that this is possible and anyone can do it. As motivation and patience. 

Motivation and patience?? 

The main problem with all these techniques of mind power is the lack of discipline. If you want success, you have to invest large amounts of effort and patience. 

This applies to everything in life. Just remember moments of your life in which you had to work hard to succeed. The same should you do if you want to learn a mental technique. 

Stay focused on everything you do and you will succeed. 

Your power will expand greatly if you master some of the following techniques: 

* Mapping. 

* Puzzles and games 

* Quick Reader 

* Watching people 

* Meditation 

Critical and lateral thinking 

* Ask yourself and think deeply 

* Copywriting 

* Learning a foreign language 

* Realize the limits of the mind 

* Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 

* Management Thought 

* Mind Control 

This list can go on and on, as there are many more dimensions that expand the mind and can be included. Some of the above concepts are interrelated, such as meditation and control of mind or language learning and writing. 

Some meanings are subsets of others. The reason they are listed is that they are only effective in expanding the power of the mind. 

The brain is made ​​up of the left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere manages specific mental tasks. The techniques mentioned above are addressed to both hemispheres. 

For example, some puzzles and games improve left hemisphere while engaging the right hemisphere. Most techniques improve both hemispheres. An example is the writing that requires creativity and language skills. 

Overview of techniques mind power 

We will briefly discuss the list of mental power techniques. 

Mind Mapping 

Mind mapping is a learning technique that exploits your mental abilities. Who said that learning is linear? 

Using mind maps, while studying will help your mind to store information in long-term memory. A mind map is not linear. This means that you can not read in a sequential manner. It is only a schema that contains all the important information you want to memorize. 

The mind mapping does not replace the traditional method of learning, but a complement. Is used to study. 

To create a mind map you have to know the important meanings, definitions and concepts of what you read. For this reason it can not replace the traditional way to study with mind maps. 

If you have never used mind mapping, then I recommend you try it. It is a powerful tool that can increase your ability to learn. 

Puzzles and games 

The puzzles and brain games are entertaining and you can also benefit from them. 

There are many types of puzzles and games. Each is designed to improve a specific area of the brain. Brain areas such as the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes are associated with different mental tasks. Improving these areas results in better and faster thinking. 

You do not need more than 15 minutes per day to keep your brain in shape. 

They say the brain is like a muscle. You have to train it. It is essential to use your existing neural networks. If you do not, then your brain will shut down. Therefore, the total power of your mind decreases. 

Reading Speed 

The speed reading techniques help you to read faster. The hard part is getting used to them.Despite this, they become a little tired after a while. 

There are many online courses that teach you speed reading how to increase reading speed.However, beware of scams. There are also many programs that promise to increase your reading speed and extreme at incredible speeds. 

When you read faster and faster your understanding is lower. So a program that promises you read 20,000 words per minute and understand each sentence can be a scam. Watch your money. 

People watching 

By using this term I mean watch the reactions of people, behavior and body movements. A part of it is body language. The people watching takes you one step beyond body language, and also observe their thinking together. 

You can find similarities in the way people think in completely different people. If you do this with every person you meet, after some time, you will unconsciously. 

At the end, you’ll have an intuitive feeling about the thoughts of others and their emotional states.Emotional intelligence is developed and improved. 

Observing people, even if you do not know, also improve your psychological skills. You will be able to detect lies, intentions and perhaps some thoughts of others. 

Finally, this skill will become permanently active and give you an advantage in your relationships. It is a good way to better understand and communicate with others. 

You may be interested: See link “Relationships with people useful tricks.” 


Meditation is an ancient practice used primarily by relaxation Eastern civilizations. Its positive effects on the body and mind have been tested and meditation today has become very popular. 

When you meditate you go deep in yourself and your thoughts gradually silenced. 

Meditation is the art of awareness. Any act that is done with consciousness and it does not involve judgments or feelings is meditation. 

With meditation you can increase your brain power in various ways, such as altering your consciousness to a higher level. For more information check out the meditation techniques. 

Meditation is also a method of mind control and management thinking. 


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You’ve come to the place where you can find answers to questions that every college student that is graduating arise when you know you have to be titrated, and an option to do so is by thesis.

So I gave you chills! For if, indeed, the word thesis causes the feeling of fear, heaviness, desgane and rejection by some students, not all. Of course there are exceptions, but there were no theses in university libraries. The vast majority are not entitled by thesis mainly because there are other options that are easier and faster to perform, such as degree courses, General Knowledge test, project, anyway. Each university offers different alternatives to title your students, but it seems that the THESIS option is unloved by all, the unmentionable, which gives you spawn it. What is the reason? The answer is that we have done a thesis; TIME.

Yes I do. Preparing thesis takes a long time, too. And I speak not of years but of months. Actually talking about almost a year to do a thesis and is talking about an exaggerated time and, from my point of view, the reasons and whys are:

First, it should be clear that the argument is not a project that requires a laborious, deep content, with hundreds of inquiries you library after library.’s A continuing research project on a specific topic. You will not discover the AIDS vaccine, or make a science communication, or build a machine which converts sea water into drinking water. You’re gonna get a few steps closer to a topic that has been touched by others, or where appropriate, start a new topic. Log.

Added to this, some students are not targeted effectively and clearly by their teachers to impart research workshop or seminar thesis. Sometimes teachers do not come, or they take relaxation to the apathy of the students do not want his thesis. Some, not all. Others itself teach you, but the more they tell you how to make you more confused. There will be all kinds of teachers, but so far I have not met one that makes you the thesis.

Students, when they begin to make their thesis, for whatever reason, while carrying the subject Thesis, lack of clarity of thought, vision, knowledge of the subject, or do not know what to do and what they are doing as say. This occurs over time desgane not feel identified with the subject, do not choose quite some research, neither the subject nor the objectives, nor the time, nor the methodology.  So much time is lost and you end up leaving the unfinished.

Be many reasons for a thesis will take up much time or do not want to do it, but the main one that does not change, which is a constant in universities in the country (although there may be exceptions), is the bureaucracy . university that subjects thesis after getting paperwork, it takes a long time, even more than it took you to do your thesis bring you to and fro; pays this, you sign this, wear this, it fills, etc, etc.. And as for the Synod, as pointed only time they are given to read the thesis and make your corrections. Granted that I want to help you read it in a day, plus it’s got to be “hunting” for you to sign official documents. But let me tell you all this pays off and that there is always a way to provide you with these rituals.

In order. Perhaps you students that despite everything, you’ve read here, than tell your friends, your teachers, your family, your coworkers, the easy options you have for titularte , the money you have to pay for your degree course, etc.., decided to make your thesis for your degree, congratulations.

You are already a SMART person because you grade by thesis has much more merit than done per course (from my perspective) for example. You gain knowledge and experience, is the first step to mastery, know many people discover talents in you, abilities you did not know, acquire the habit of reading, sensitivity, love of research, your friends and family congratulate you, and at the end , you feel very proud to have done what you had to do well.

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How to beat the university academic stress

Training college brings a number of advantages and personal growth. At university people acquire the knowledge necessary to then be useful to society and themselves. The degree of specialization obtainable offer many possibilities and, above all, provides a high degree of personal satisfaction and sense of achievement. Achieving these goals requires a lot of discipline, effort and self-control. Sometimes both great efforts to study, research or simply attend classes.


Modern life and the current economic situation of “crisis” leads us to have to do more than one activity to sustain the expense and maintenance of a college career . All this, plus the fact the personal challenge that entails, can bring about a state of tension that can lead to academic stress is not known if redirect, can wipe out all the goals and projects. If you are a college student (a) and feel overwhelmed (a) by the life you lead and the results you have to get I recommend: – Sets priorities. First things first: YOUR HEALTH. – Bring a healthy eating and balanced to allow you to have the vitamins, proteins and minerals your body needs, because the brain consumes a large part to perform in the learning process. – Performs any sport that allows you to release energy and tone your body. Students are much sitting time and this makes certain body functions become slower. – The summaries, synthesis and analysis are excellent to learn better. Get into the habit and feel that they have walked much of the way and will reduce the burden. – Seize the end what you can do today. Do assignments with time not only allow you to reduce the response time; it takes away a latent concern in your mind about something pending to be done. If you need help, do not hesitate to get professional help from dissertation writing services. – Avoid parties, all-nighters, psychotropic substances and other actions that can take you to the weakening of your cognitive functions affecting memory and brain performance. – Remember that order and discipline are essential to get everything you need at the time of study. Organize well and thus will make it easy student work. – If you combine studies with work and family, do not cross sets in many subjects because most likely not cover you achieve both and stay half, which will lead to the abandonment. Little to attend will give more effectiveness and performance. – Always keep your main goal. This will not allow you to be insurmountable obstacles and always want to move forward no matter what. Do not be discouraged by some suspense, as they are always recoverable and the opportunities are there to take advantage. Your best effort is paramount. – Personal problems are often decisive to guarantee you peace of mind when studying. Do not let them get involved. Somehow figure it out. Find yourself a different environment library, a park, a friend’s house, etc.. Short and to the context that may be recommended. Everything in its time. You will solve all! Nerves, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, family problems, economic maintenance, pressure and other factors that are most college students must face. The most important thing is to know all the best cope possible arrangement and plan welcome the activity being performed. All these efforts will be rewarded with a decent profession and give professional advancement and job opportunities and open.   Let us help you deal with your academic stress. Visit www.dissertationplanet.co.uk